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Animal Extract

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Emu oil and Meat

  • We are distinguished supplier and service provider Emu Birds,  EmuEggs,  Emu Oil,  Emu Chicks,  Emu Meat.  Show more
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milk can

  • we are manufacture milk can, milk pails, ss milk can, milk bucket, milking machine, milk container, dairy equipments  Show more
Tags: Milk Can | Ss Milk Can | Milk Pail

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buffalo horn, cow hornbuffalo horn button blanks (all colours), cow horn

  • buffalo horn, cow horn , buffalo horn button blanks(all colors), cow horn button blanks(all colors), we are quality manufactures of buffalo horn button blanks and cow horn button blanks,  Show more
Tags: Buffalo Horn | Cow Horn | Bufflo Horn Button Blanks

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car Ml 2002

  • I have drive this car fr 15yrs now, but was bought chases hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk  Show more
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Ox Gallstones

  • >Providing a good quality and the required quantity upon the samples or a first meeting. >Please call me if you want to buy OX Gallstones  Show more
Tags: Ox Gallstones

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Bristle BUTT - Cuts

  • We are the the oldest processor & exporter of the hog hair products, Butt- Cuts. Our most recognised brand in the U.K. market is "MLDL" *****, Makund Lal & Dori Lal. We invite...  Show more
Tags: Hog Hairs | Hairs | Butt-cuts

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halal beef

  • we are providing fresh halal beef on reguler basis to our customers.we are capable to provide boonless beef ***** buyers are welcome  Show more
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oil cake

  • Cotton seed oil cake product would be produced from cotton seed. all this seeds will be produced by Ginning Mills. This raw material will be getting in maharashtra. The total Cotton Seed Production...  Show more
Tags: Cotton Seed Oil Cake | Oil Cake | Anmal Feed

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  • We supply Dry Trachea in good quality totally dried in sunlight ,  Show more
Tags: Dry Trachea | Trachea | Animal By Products

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ox gallstone

  • sub: Exports of Ox gallstone (cow Bezoar). we are engaged in the business of export of Ox Gallstone (cow Bezoar and export well to Asian countries (China, Hong kong and Taiwan ) and USA if you a...  Show more
Tags: Ox Gallstone | Niu Huang | Cow Bezoar

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pig hairs& brushes all types hairs etc

  • we are supplies pig hairs and brushes around the world more detail please contact me phone 0091-930-530-2853  Show more
Tags: Pig Hairs | Pig Hairs Brush
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Goat Milk

  • Hello, Sir/Madam, We are suppliers of Goat Milk, production is 400-500 ltrs per day. We would like to know what is your price, what would be your requirement,  Show more
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  • Basically the animal excretion organic product wwhich we call as cow-dung cakes. They are veryuseful and powerful antibiotic for the environment. They are used in in the form of biogas. They can be...  Show more
Tags: Dry Cowdungcakes

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  • Used to remove a liquid from a solution, suspension, or emulsion by boiling off some of the liquid. We specialize in providing following falling film evaporation Technologies - 1. Caustic Sod...  Show more
Tags: Milk Plants | Evaporation Plant | Evaporators

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  • We are the largest importer of IVERMECTIN in india. We offer Ep-6 materile at most compitetive rate.  Show more
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  • We are an old bristle factory in India with history more than 50 years old, we produce and export all kinds of bristles from 44mm to 144mm and up. Welcome to inquiry at any time, we will give u the...  Show more
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vermi compose

  • advance fertilizer for select users. it is a animal fodder witch is converted into fertilizer by natural decompositation by earth worms  Show more
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