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  • Dear All, We have an excess stock of LIMIT S/W WITH SHORT HINGE ROLLER LEVER from OMRON make for selling on immediate basis requirements. Part Number : D4MC-2020 Make : OMRON QTY : 1166 We can us...  Show more
Tags: Part Number : D4mc-2020

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Automatic Wire coiling MAchines

  • Auto coiler is a mechanism of high speed coiling of PVC insulated house wire with accuracy of ± 0.05% The coiling speed of wire is 300 mtrs.per minuts. It is fully automatically controlled w...  Show more
Tags: Wie Coiling Machines | Coiling | Machines

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Hydraulic Overload Protector Pump

  • We are manufacturer and stockiest of Overload Protector Pump for Mechanical Presses like SANDSUN, PASCAL, OMSON and also undertake the repairing of pump :- • Overload protector is equipped in p...  Show more
Tags: Overload Protector | Sandsun | Pascal

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Micro Switch

  • Snap action Switch Micro Limit Switch Micro Switch Used in Medical Equipment, Textiles, Valves, Pressure Switches, ELCB+MCB, Contactors, Pharma machinery, packaging machines, Hand & Pedal Se...  Show more
Tags: Snap Switch | Micro Switch | Switchgear

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hydraulic ironworker

  • Features:- Engineering Excellence with cost effective solution. • Angle Cutting • Channel Cutting • Flat Cutting • Round Bar Cutting • Square Bar Cutting &bull...  Show more
Tags: Mechinical Iron Worker | Stel Iron Worker | Ironworker

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food can cage loading machine

  • Automatic Finished Can Cage Loading Machine Technology Parameters Production capability:The order design is available and the max. is 1000 cans/min. PLC programmable computer automatic contr...  Show more
Tags: Cage Loading Machine | Food Can Loading Machine | Food Can Machine

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Vibrating Fork Level Limit Switch Fluidofork(SLF series)

  • FLUIDOFORK can be used for all types of liquids in storage tanks, mixing tanks and pipe lines having: - Temperature between -20°C and +80°C (Standard Versions) - Density greater than 0.7 ...  Show more
Tags: Liquid Level Switch | Level Switch | Level Detecter

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RF Admittance and Capacitance Level Limit Switch

  • Our Admittance Level Switches are for level limit detection of fine, coarse, solids of low dielectric constant that have a tendency to stick, coat and develop static charge at high vessel temperatu...  Show more
Tags: Level Switch | Admittance Level Switch | Capacitance Level Switch