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  • Every induction machine requires both active and reactive power. The Active power(KW) is converted into the useful output, but the reactive power (KVAr) simply shuttles between the machine and the ut  Show more
Tags: Apfc Panel | Correction Panel | Lt Panel

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  • `EXPO ROYAL’ - 700 Double Decker Polythene bag Cutting and sealing machine with 1 HP AC Three phase main motor, Newly developed compact Clutch and Brake, Production Capacity 40-60* strokes / Min...  Show more
Tags: Plastic Machineries | Polythene Bag Making Machine

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Automatic Power Factor Controllers

  • Intelligent KVAR based Switching Multiple capacitor switching for faster achievement of PF Ideal for thyristor modules RS-485 port available Display of KW, KVA, KVAR on LCD Adjustable capaci...  Show more
Tags: Apfc Relay | Power Factor Relay | Automatic Power Factor Controllers

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  • We manufacture Thyristiors in TO48 package for current upto 25A and Vrrm upto 1600V. The devices can be supplied with Metric or UNF threads.  Show more
Tags: Eupec Thyristor | Testing Large Thyristors | Thyristor E150