Exporters & Suppliers Of Sliding Bearings from India

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Sliding Bearings

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  • We manufacture & Export Plain as well as Flange bushings in various metals & composition. We manufacture bushings for Automobiles (Cars, Trucks, Tractors) Diesel Engines, Marine Engines, Ra...  Show more
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linear motion bearings

  • We are manufacturers of Linear Motion Bearings, Kinear Shafts, Aluminium Blocks. We maintain sufficient stocks. Our brand is TSC-KBS. Excellent quality at cost effective prices. All enquiries...  Show more
Tags: Linear Motion Bearings | Linear Shafts

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Eye balls - rod ends

  • We are manufacturers of Eye Balls - Rod Ends. Our products are best quality in its class and very competitively prices. Our Brand is TSC All enquiries are welcome. Anil Agarwal. *****  Show more
Tags: Eye Balls - Rod Ends

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Spherical Plain Bearings

  • We are manufacturers of Spherical Plain Bearings. Our Bearing are of high quality and competitively priced. All enquiries are welcome. Anil Agarwal. *****  Show more
Tags: Spherical Plain Bearings

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Bimetallic Engine Bearings Bushings Thrust Washers

  • We are manufacturers & suppliers of Bimetallic Engine Bearings Bushings & Thrust Washers for Automotive & Industrial Applications. Backing is Low Carbon Steel & lining (bearing) mat...  Show more
Tags: Engine Bearings Bushings | Sintered / Cladded | Shell / Half Bearings

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Turrned parts

  • JDS is Engaged in Custom machining services, and Plastic mold making services, website add xxxxx, We also in making Grinding vice, Angleplate for grinding, X-Y Table  Show more