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  • A designer locket set in Diamond with the Aqua Color Stones and ***** and tappers diamonds has been used here.  Show more
Tags: Silver Jewellery | Diamond Jewellery | Diamond Locket Sets

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rarest twin rudrakshaonce in a whil rarest formation than gauri sankar

  • dear one this rudraksha is a very rarest formation twin rudraksha one over other, both two mukhis joined naturally i think may be 4 or 5 in whole world, as once this type went for auction somewh...  Show more
Tags: Very Rarest | Museum Piece | Natural Formation

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Sterling Silver Jewellery, 92.5% Silver

  • We can supply 92.5 % stone studded (precious or semi-precious stones ) silver jewellery. In this we can supply pendent sets (pendant, ear-ring & ring), Necklace sets, Bracelets; we can also su...  Show more
Tags: Original Silver Jewellery | Jewellery Studded Stones | Sterling Jewellery