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Warning Tape

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Aluminum foil detectable warning tape

  • aluminium foil is a locator detectable tape for underground pipes and cables detectable tape available in 50mm to 600mm for more details visit *****  Show more
Tags: Caution Tape | Detectable Tape | Warning Tape

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Tape Tile

  • Heavu duty virgin low density pe sheet with a warning tape laminated on one side printed in black , our cable and pipe tile offers far greater protection than ordinary warning tape  Show more
Tags: Tape Tile

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Red & White Tape

  • We are manufacturing Red & White tape in various thicknesses , sizes, and colours . For more information please contact xxxxx  Show more
Tags: Barrier Tape | Barrication Tape

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Warning Tape / Mat

  • We manufacture WARMAT brand warning mat printed with any text & any language with various sizes & Colours as per tailor made specifications. For more information please contact xxxxx  Show more
Tags: Underground Utility Tape | Warning Mat